What are the principles of a Blue Economy with regards to practice and implementation?
To date, only rudimentary approaches for principles and criteria exist, coupled with statements of individuals. Companies cannot rely on such a basis if they want guidance and orientation regarding the way forward. Therefore, the need arises for a scientific catalogue of criteria and a stringent management system for a systemic, cascading economic model – scientifically evaluated and independent of individuals.
From the beginning of Blue Economy there were controversial discussions among experts, not least since different publications described different principles. Sometimes 12, sometimes 21 or maybe only ten, all without a scholarly basis.
As a consequense, the Blue Economy team converted this surge of principles into six basic modules:
  • local (use what you have)
  • efficient (substitute something with nothing)
  • systemic (mimic nature)
  • profitable (optimize & generate multiple cash flows)
  • abundant (satisfy all basic needs)
  • innovative (create change, seize opportunities)

Based on these six criteria, we will develop a management system of Blue Economy principles
and critera which can be used as instruction for companies during product development and process design.

CMYK_BE Principles