The Blue Economy vision is to respond to the basic needs of all with what we have. As such, it stands for a new way of designing business: using the resources available in cascading systems, where the waste of one product becomes the input to create a new cash flow.

In this way, jobs are created, social capital is built and income rises – while the environment that provides the basis for our lives is no longer strained and polluted. Thus, we can evolve from an economy where the good is expensive, and the bad is cheap, to a system where the good and innovative is affordable.

About one third of the innovations presented has already been implemented in companies around the globe, one third is in prototyping status and one third has been scientifically proven but requires further research to create market-ready products. They all act as examples of the overall vision and philosophy of Blue Economy. Every day, we discover new inventions and exciting developments. Our aim is to inspire hundreds, thousands and even millions of entrepreneurs.

This website acts as a platform for information and exchange.

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