The greenhouse gas CO2 is generally only considered as a problem. Up to now there are only few approaches for using this widely available, cheap, low-toxic and non-flammable gas as a resource for production of new goods.

This is exactly what Geoffrey Coates, a chemist from Cornell University Faculty, has in mind. He developed some catalysts based on cinc and cobalt which serve to polymerize CO2 from industry and agricultural emissions. Based on his experience he founded his company Novomer in order to further develop plastics for multiple purposes and mass production processes. These plastics could be used in the most diverse applications, ranging from diapers to wall paints and even bottles for detergents.

Leading corporations like Unilever and the DSM Group are already supporting this initiative by Novomer with important investments. Perhaps our toothpaste tubes will soon be made from a raw material which before was threatening our climate?


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Plastics from Pollution