Health care for the population is hardly compatible with commercial benefits for industry. For instance here is almost no further development for antibiotics because they carry few possibilities for revenue, even if the growing problem of bacterial resistence makes innovations more urgent than ever.

But instead of inventing ever new chemicals, the capacity of the body to heal itself could be stimulated. Electric stimulation is a breakthrough in this area, developed by British surgeon Dr. Colthurst based on his Fenzian hypotesis and research works for space medicine. In this case electric impulses stimulate the central nervous system. Recently some reports have been published which confirm positive results for this therapy in wound healing and asthma treatment.

If the effectivity of electric stimulation can be proven for more cases in the future, then we will be able to talk about a breakthrough in the spirit of the Blue Economy: Chemicals are replaced by "nothing" - except minute amounts of electric current.


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Health beyond Medicine