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The work of a young dutch based designer Jihyun-Ryou about food preservation and oral knowledge made us think about the different ways to save energy through food preservation. By storing food in a appropriate way, we keep their nutritional value, we save energy and we waste less food. Here are some examples, adapted from Jihyun Ryou's designs of of to save your food from the fridge.
89 days ago
Many consumers are unaware that by washing their faces, or brushing their teeth, they contribute to polluting the ocean. Indeed some personal care products such as shaving creams, shower gels, exfoliating scrubs, toothpastes and some laundry detergents contain thousands of minuscule balls of plastic called either microplastic or microbeads.
96 days ago
The Little sun lamps are solar-powered LED light designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and innovator Frederick Ottensen.
103 days ago
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Producers are praising stone paper as particularly sustainable. But if all paper were replaced by stone paper, global plastic production would increase by up to two thirds!
09.09.2014 16:10   
New, transferable and interdisciplinary project week on the subject “Energy Self-Sufficient Classroom” at Lutheran School Berlin Center (ESBZ)
27.08.2014 11:24   
The first week of September saw Blue Economy Solutions GmbH launch its newest UPRISE project in Germany.
27.06.2014 11:34   
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In the chapters above there are summarized all the steps on how to build “Neverland”: a “DIY” power energy pallets structure. It includes two systems to provide energy: a windmill and a solar panels station. At first I thought that the structure around the
· 78 days ago

Introduction Once built the wind turbine to provide power during the windy days, it is time to make a system to meet power when the wind does not blow. The solar panel seems like an obvious choice to supplement the wind turbine. This is the reason because
· 78 days ago

Introduction There are a lot of tutorials on Internet, especially on Youtube, about how to make a “Diy Windmill”. All of them use recycled materials as bicycle wheels, plastic bottles or old pieces of wood and iron. The methods described are very helpful,
· 88 days ago
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