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It´s time for Sweden to face the challenges The sad truth is that the Swedish companies lost market shares in 2008-2010. However, we still believe that Swedish companies are world leaders in environmental technology. Forget it! The
blueeconomy · 1300 days ago

Introduction There are a lot of tutorials on Internet, especially on Youtube, about how to make a “Diy Windmill”. All of them use recycled materials as bicycle wheels, plastic bottles or old pieces of wood and iron. The methods described are very helpful,
· 116 days ago

3D printers are everywhere. Even President Obama said in his speech about the state of the union that 3D printers had the « potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything ». Their process is really simple, they all make solid objects using a
blueeconomy · 119 days ago

Background: Ghost nets are lost or intentionally discarded fishing net floating in the sea. Doing so, they entangle fish, dolphins, se turtles, whales, seals and other marine creatures, and birds as well. This result in restricting movement, causing starv
· 154 days ago

Finally i am in Ghana after Belgrade and Berlin, which was all good except that i got up at 2.00am for my flight from Berlin (he he he) Yesterday i arrived in Ghana. I didn't realize i was just in time for the first mushrooms until today. We have the ver
chygovera · 1481 days ago

Vision: inspire entrepreneurs to implement the blue innovations in their region/industry and thereby create 100 million jobs over the next decade. Less talking, more doing. Our Strategy to get there - and thus priorities so far in building this community:
blueeconomy · 1692 days ago

“Most of our industries generate massive amounts of waste. For every tone of municipal solid waste, there are 71 tonnes produces from mining, manufacturing, and product distribution. We have nuclear waste, soil laced with heavy metals, chromium-contaminate
· 154 days ago

Background An essential point of the Blue Economy is to interlace multiple material flows to create added value. In agriculture, it is possible to do so in the most natural way. It is hardly surprising that some of the most important „Blue“ projects are fo
· 147 days ago

Dear all, unfortunately, the organisers of B4E in Korea have run into technical problems. Hence, there will be no livestream of Gunters presentation in Seoul tonight resp. tomorrow morning. We have been told however that the speach will be recorded and hop
blueeconomy · 1643 days ago

The new Blue Economy project, TopFarmers, got into the finale of Generation-D competition. Like the photo on Facebook and spread the word - the project with the most likes wins the "public choice award! At TopFarmers, we believe that foor should be produc
blueeconomy · 26 days ago
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