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Vision: inspire entrepreneurs to implement the blue innovations in their region/industry and thereby create 100 million jobs over the next decade. Less talking, more doing. Our Strategy to get there - and thus priorities so far in building this community:
blueeconomy · 1694 days ago

    MCB, Inc. A Blue Economy Business. Building Community, Local Food Supply, and Diverse Cascading Products.   We are in the beginning stage and a very small group. Ignoring the fact that we currently have no funding, we gather once a week to discuss next
poetjude · 1405 days ago

Plastic bags can be reused by reverting the plastic back into petroleum.  A Japanese man is doing this making petrol for his car ! Here is the link:  http://www.care2.com/causes/global-warming/blog/machine-converts-plastic-trash-into-oil-video/
jsaarman · 1373 days ago

Dear all,based on the input we received both online and offline, here are the new features: As of now, every registered member can Blog about themselves, their projects and dreams Join discussion groups in their native tongue (to date: English, Ge
blueeconomy · 1472 days ago

Finally i am in Ghana after Belgrade and Berlin, which was all good except that i got up at 2.00am for my flight from Berlin (he he he) Yesterday i arrived in Ghana. I didn't realize i was just in time for the first mushrooms until today. We have the ver
chygovera · 1482 days ago

We are making progress because of help from the Chido Franchise in Berlin. We have found an extremely ethical coffee importing, roasting, coffee shop company that wants to give us their grounds from 5 different stores and help us collect them. It is so exc
poetjude · 1374 days ago

Bees are attacked everywhere around the globe. The industrial bee is being used, I must say misused to fertilize the grops. The bio industry who has to (mis) use bees has to fight against deseases within. No other production than to fertilize, no honey, no
mawings · 1393 days ago

  We are reactivating an old industrial ruin in Berlin, vesting to utilize sustainable building techniques. Our basis is the Zero Emissions philosophy (no wasting of natural resources through optimal usage of material flow and upcycling). Thus, a unique mi
MarkusHaastert · 1479 days ago

I read about coffee hulls being used for Shitake Mushrooms.  I just now heard about recycling the used grounds locally.   A group in Berekeley California is collecting the grounds from coffee houses and growing Oyster mushrooms.   Once the carbon has been
jsaarman · 1519 days ago

Startup diary on Wiwo Green Chido's mushrooms wins Sustainovation Awards startup special price by WirtschaftsWoche and Altran. "Chido's is a model case for a working circular economy and represents the global trend for urban farming at the same time." From
sacktheo4 · 635 days ago
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