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They are not designed to go through "50 load cycles per year." They are designed to float at full load and occasionally use 10% of its capacity. Battery backup is called "deep cycle" because they are designed to go to 20 or 30%, but still degrade every tim
mcwireelectric · 438 days ago

Startup diary on Wiwo Green Chido's mushrooms wins Sustainovation Awards startup special price by WirtschaftsWoche and Altran. "Chido's is a model case for a working circular economy and represents the global trend for urban farming at the same time." From
Chidosmushrooms · 447 days ago

Crowdsourcing Innovations How will our fellow human beings, friends and children live 50 years from now, if wars are waged for water, energy becomes a luxury good and having enough food is no longer an issue for 'poor' countries but returns to our every d
blueeconomy · 459 days ago

Over the past two and a half years, Blue Economy® published sustainable, promising innovations on a weekly basis, presenting solutions which are not just "better" but also "cheaper", i.e. more competitive. The first week of September saw Blue Economy S
blueeconomy · 578 days ago

Dear Reader When clicking on the tab "Locations", an interactive world map shows an overview and informations about all Blue Economy innovations as well as related projects. You may look for projects close to your home or find countries with Blue Economy
blueeconomy · 587 days ago

Micro solar cells fit into any pocket and are able to power small devices such as cellphones or MP3 players. Unfortunately they are often slow, inaccurate and produced manually at high costs in remote countries. The "Solar Pocket Factory" introduced by the
blueeconomy · 595 days ago

Dear Reader since launching the Blue Economy in 2010, we have seen an enormous growth in reach, interest and importance of our campaign. Right at the beginning of the project, Blue Economy was protected as a trademark to prevent any future "blue washi
blueeconomy · 679 days ago

Hallo in our last newsletter we reported about a groundbreaking project on El Hierro (Canary Islands). Since 2002 this island is pursuing the ambitious aim to become energetically autonomous using only renewable energy sources. We have put together a vide
blueeconomy · 686 days ago

A new type of fitness shoe has taken bold steps in becoming green and clean. The brand called FitFlop has recently changed it manufacturing process to utlize a solar powered factory in the production of its shoes and boots. The concern at the company was t
sandrajay · 969 days ago

The Sustainability Primer (a lecture at Reading University) has been updated
CleanEnergyPundit · 971 days ago
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This blog is about NExT SSE - the stock exchange we are developing as a financial backbone for The Blue Economy.
3 Posts still trying to find definition of the problem and the appropritate metric [kWh_CE proposed] to measure progress
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San Fernando Valley Transition Model Business This is a blog about a group of 3-4 people interested in starting a cascading mushroom, etc. business based on Blue Economy Principles.
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Vedanta all set to Kill the forest Children for mining Bauxite 
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Technology asessments There is is only one chance for a first impression.
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