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The new Blue Economy project, TopFarmers, got into the finale of Generation-D competition. Like the photo on Facebook and spread the word - the project with the most likes wins the "public choice award! At TopFarmers, we believe that foor should be produc
blueeconomy · 27 days ago

In the chapters above there are summarized all the steps on how to build “Neverland”: a “DIY” power energy pallets structure. It includes two systems to provide energy: a windmill and a solar panels station. At first I thought that the structure around the
· 107 days ago

Introduction Once built the wind turbine to provide power during the windy days, it is time to make a system to meet power when the wind does not blow. The solar panel seems like an obvious choice to supplement the wind turbine. This is the reason because
· 107 days ago

Introduction There are a lot of tutorials on Internet, especially on Youtube, about how to make a “Diy Windmill”. All of them use recycled materials as bicycle wheels, plastic bottles or old pieces of wood and iron. The methods described are very helpful,
· 118 days ago

While this idea is not yet possible make yourself as a DIY, a vortex power plant is a simple and solid technology with lots of potential. It produces electricity in harmony with nature. A vortex power plant is a further development of a water wheel or a r
blueeconomy · 119 days ago

3D printers are everywhere. Even President Obama said in his speech about the state of the union that 3D printers had the « potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything ». Their process is really simple, they all make solid objects using a
blueeconomy · 120 days ago

An edible and compostable membrane can be used as a packaging for water, replacing the highly pollutants plastic bottles currently used. The bubble can act as a standard replacement for plastic bottles, but has more specific applications as well. It can, f
blueeconomy · 127 days ago

Introduction I have seen a lot of up-cycled projects with wood shipping pallets over the years, and more often than not they are ugly, but totally useful. Pallets are great for the “DIYer” because they are cheap and easy to work with, but you need to pay a
· 127 days ago

Here is how to build a so-called bioreactor, or Biopile that runs in any weather, even in winter and at night. All you need are fresh cut and crushed undergrowths and a long water hose which has been made for drinking water supply. By combining bacteria /
· 128 days ago

Background: We currently struggle to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and even though we learn more everyday about damage made to the oceans by plastic, we still do not fully recycle it. But a simple way to reduce or use of virgin petroleum and hence ou
· 134 days ago
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