UPRISE – The Growth of Blue Economy®

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The first week of September saw Blue Economy Solutions GmbH launch its newest UPRISE project in Germany. 
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Blue Economy in the Consulting World

In other countries, Blue Economy Solutions is working through a network of partner organisations. During the Blue Economy Summit 2013, a training for professionals will be offered to create and strengthen the joint platform for collaboration. If you would like to participate, write to training@blueeconomy.de and we will send you further details as they become available.

Over the past two and a half years, Blue Economy® has published 99 cases of how business can be structured differently: creating more with what is locally available, generating multiple cash flows that ultimately lead to solutions which are not only “better” (environmentally as well as qualitatively) but also “cheaper” (i.e. can out-compete conventional products).

Each case offered insights into a specific area, industry or challenge and how “blue” approaches make a difference and offer a new perspective of numerous opportunities. Through systemic design, solutions emerge in unexpected and surprising industries, cascading resources from one business to the other.

Several large consultancies around the globe have recognized the need to rethink their standard model of downsizing and cost reduction. The more obvious benefits of using less resources and generating new products out of “waste” have lead to the publication of a report on the “circular economy” by McKinsey on behalf of the Ellen McArthur Foundation. It outlines the changes in consumption (towards usage) already visible today, shows how minimized material footprints and longevity benefit companies, and how inputs can be cascaded through industries before returning them to the natural ecosystem. Several case studies prove how even large corporates are beginning to move along this path – albeit in small steps.

On a governmental level, Germany took a first step in the right direction when in October 2011, the “circular flow economy law” was published, focusing waste management on the ideal of full-cycles, reusing every in- and output as a resource. Some great examples such as a closed landfill turned power station (wind, PV and biogas) lead the way. The benefits of this legislation for the waste disposal industry alone are significant: the consultancy Roland Berger published a study on September 9, 2012 estimating growth of 9 billion EUR by 2025 for Germany in this area alone. Imagine the possibilities!

Newest Projects in Germany

To enable Blue Economy® examples to scale up, find imitators in other countries and continents but also to spark blue business models in companies, experts with a profound comprehension of blue principles and experience in establishing similar companies are needed. Blue Economy Solutions GmbH was established in spring of 2011 with precisely this focus. We act as coaches and gold diggers: listen first, expose the opportunities that become apparent, jointly develop solutions and then support implementation – always ensuring full ownership of the projects by the clients. We call this process UPRISE: Utilizing Potential, Realizing Innovations, Stimulating Entrepreneurship.

Most recently in September 2012, Blue Economy Solutions kicked-off an UPRISE process in a small village an hour to the west of Hamburg. The 1,400 inhabitants undertook an intense village renewal process in 2010 and 2011 which reaffirmed their commitment to self-engage and take action to find solutions. Blue Economy® is now providing the projects and ideas on how to use the impressive resources and heritage that is locally available, combined with the striking entrepreneurial spirit, to create an economic stimulus and turn Oberndorf into a role model in Germany. Interestingly, it was a group of private villagers who hired Blue Economy Solutions, since the local government is working under tight budget restraints.

The first results will become tangible by the end of the year, some of the possibilities identified have already found teams eager to hit the ground running. Crucial for the success of all projects is the joint vision of where Oberndorf wants to stand in one or two decades. This includes securing the buy-in and support of all stakeholder groups, even or especially in such a small community. To date, teachers, farmers, mechanics, gardeners, politicians, employers, estate owners and energy providers have all declared their keen interest in the project, while scientists and experts from the Blue Economy® network are looking forward to giving their input to business plans and to guiding and coaching the teams during the early stages of implementation.

Growing the Blue Consulting Network

To spread Blue Economy® thinking and consulting services, we have begun partnering with like-minded companies in several countries. Currently, talks about a collaboration are ongoing with firms in Italy, France and the Netherlands. Our partners intend to market UPRISE projects as a part of their service portfolio using the brand Blue Economy®, supporting the name to spread and awareness of ‘blue’ possibilities among companies and political leaders to increase.

The official launch of this blue consulting network will take place at the Blue Economy Summit 2013 and include a training for professionals. The Summit presents an ideal opportunity to interact with many of the innovators and learn from the projects already implemented. We believe in the power of collaboration and in creating beneficial settings for all involved. This network can be a platform for Blue Economy® to grow significantly in reach and relevance, changing attitudes and how business is done – for the better of all our planet’s inhabitants.

Join us in walking this path!


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