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Topfarmers – an new Business in a box system located. 
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After two months of research, prototype design, and installation, the rooftop  system located on the balcony of the Konvergenta office in Berlin is up and running.  The system installed is a modified version of the John Todd’s Four Cell Theory, with advice and participation of both national and international aquaculturalists.  The system utilizes a combination of a ‘flood and drain’ (also referred to in hydroponics literature as ‘ebb and flow’) and a ‘Nutrient Film Technique’ (commonly referred to as ‘NFT’) system for plant cultivation.

The system currently supports one species of fish, Clarias gariepinus, and a variety of plants including tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, melons, and herbs.  The eventual goal is to construct a system that mirrors a natural freshwater ecosystem with a polyculture of both fish and plants, where all needs for all species are met from within the system itself.  In the coming days we will be constructing a vermiculture bin to provide worms for supplemental fish feed.

Once the best practices for this system are determined, it can be replicated and scaled to suit any site.  Stay tuned for further developments!

Click on the following link to view photos of the greenhouse construction and aquaponics system installation:

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