The World’s Cleanest Drinking Bottles

The sustainability wave has prompted people to carry around their own water bottles as a way to reduce their environmental footprint. Some people just reuse an old plastic bottle, while others invest in Kleen Kanteens. Berlin-based Soulbottles recently joined the market offering designer-made glass bottles with the goal of making sustainability sexy— and they thoroughly explain why glass bottles might be better than the aforementioned options.

While reusing an old Evian bottle is better for the environment than constantly buying a new one, it might not be good for your health. Studies have found that almost all plastic contains bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that mimics estrogen and has been linked to cancer and infertility.  Western males today have on average a 50% lower sperm quality and fertility than their fathers and grandfathers 50 years ago. Scientists see plastifiers like BPA as a major cause for that. Moreover, when you reuse your old Evian bottle, chemicals are more likely to leak through the crevices that develop through the bottle’s wear and tear. As a result, many consumers choose to buy BPA-free reusable plastic bottles, such as Nalgenes. That is not a complete solution, however. Bisphenol S (BPS) tends to be the common replacement for BPA, and recent research has shown that BPS has health effects similar to BPA. (From an environmental standpoint, it is also better to use glass or steel bottles instead of plastic, if you are looking to recycle to your bottle— glass and steel are easily transformed into the same product, while plastic tends to be downcycled, thus reducing the product’s value and not preventing more plastic bottles from being produced.)

Glass and stainless steel seem to be good alternatives for both regular and BPA-free plastic. Some argue that stainless steel is a better alternative than glass because it weighs less and is not as breakable. However, many complain about the metallic aftertaste from steel and the difficulty of ensuring that the bottle is clean. Ultimately, the decision between glass and steel depends on individuals’ preferences, but the health and environmental benefits over plastic are clear. You can drink out of something as unique as a Soulbottle or something more practical, like a Kleen Kanteen.

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