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Businesses understand now more than ever that there is direct business value in investing in low carbon tech and energy efficiency. The coalition “We Mean Business” was formed in September 2014— the first of its kind— with the purpose of creating a unified business voice in support of decisive action to tackle climate change and transition to a low carbon future.  They understand that acting sooner against climate change, rather than later, is less costly. Among its founding members are BSR, the B Team, CDP, Ceres, The Climate Group, the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Christiana Figueres, head of the UNFCCC, emphasized the importance of business to battle climate change since businesses provide the technology, capital and the impulse; governments are mainly in charge of providing a stable regulatory framework and a long-term vision.

Some companies in the “We Mean Business” coalition have already committed to just using renewable energy for all of their operations in the future. These companies are part of an offshoot of We Mean Business called the RE100 group, which launched with founding members including Philips, Nestle, Mars, Swiss Re, and IKEA. And, in case you did not already know, Apple is the largest private solar owner in the US.


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