Little Sun – Creator : Olafur Eliasson

Do You Know :
1. 1.6 billion people worldwide have no access to mains electricity.
2. 1 out of 5 people in the world live with no access to mains electricity.

Little Sun Privilege :
1. Efficiency : 5 hours of natural light equals 5 hours of Little Sun light.
2. Longevity : Little Sun has a lifespan of 3 years before it needs a battery replacement.
3. Flexibility : Hang it on your wall or place it on a table, carry it as a hand-held lantern, wear it, or attach it to your bike.
4. Durability : Little Sun is dustproof, UV and heat-resistant.
5. Economical : 90% savings over 3 years compared to kerosene lamps.

Little Sun makes light for living :
1. Enables longer working hours and higher productivity.
2. Provides light for children to study and read.
3. Increases commerce by making it possible for stores to remain open after dark.
4. Improves work safety.
5. Replaces kerosene lamps as a light source.
6. Is functional and beautiful.

Little Sun Technical Details :
1. Dimensions : diameter 12 cm, depth 3.2 cm Weight: 120 g
2. Main body : Manufactured in Luran S, ASA plastic from BASF, highly weather and UV resistant
3. Solar panel : 60 x 60 mm mono crystalline solar panel, 0.5 Watt
4. Battery : 3 x 1.2V Ni-MH AAA battery pack with 600 mA
5. LED : Duris E 5 LED from Osram, runs at 0.5 Watt and emits 40 Lm @ 120 mA (approx. comparable in perception to a 40 W incandescent light bulb)

Terjemahan :
Tahukah Anda :
1. Terdapat 1,6 miliar orang di dunia yang tidak memiliki akses listrik.
2. 1 dari 5 orang di dunia hidup tanpa akses listrik.

Keunggulan Little Sun :
1. Efisiensi : 5 jam cahaya alami sama dengan 5 jam cahaya Little Sun.
2. Tahan Lama : Little Sun dapat dipakai 3 tahun sebelum perlu penggantian baterai.
3. Fleksibilitas : Gantungkan di dinding atau meletakkannya di meja, membawanya sebagai lentera genggam, memakainya atau dipasangkan pada sepeda Anda.
4. Daya Tahan : Little Sun tahan debu, UV dan tahan panas.
5. Ekonomis : Penghematan 90% selama 3 tahun dibandingkan dengan lampu minyak tanah.

Little Sun membuat cahaya untuk hidup :
1. Memungkinkan dipakai pada siang hari dan produktivitas yang lebih tinggi.
2. Menyediakan cahaya bagi anak-anak untuk belajar dan membaca.
3. Meningkatkan profit dengan memungkinkan untuk toko tetap buka setelah gelap.
4. Meningkatkan keselamatan kerja.
5. Menggantikan lampu minyak tanah dan lilin sebagai sumber cahaya.
6. Fungsional dan indah.

Rincian Teknis Little Sun:
1. Dimensi : diameter 12 cm, kedalaman 3,2 cm Berat: 120 g
2. Body Utama : Diproduksi di Luran S, ASA plastik dari BASF, sangat cuaca dan tahan UV
3. Solar Panel: 60 x 60 mm mono panel surya kristal, 0,5 Watt
4. Baterai : 3 x 1.2V Ni-MH AAA baterai dengan 600 mA
5. LED : Duris E 5 LED dari Osram, berjalan pada 0,5 Watt dan memancarkan 40 Lm @ 120 mA (sekitar sebanding dalam persepsi terhadap bola lampu pijar 40 W)

Kunjungi website kami untuk pemesanan :

little sun

Little Sun Lamps

Their motto for these safe and practical little lamp is : « get a great solar lamp, make a global impact ». Indeed the lamps are sold both in Europe, the USA and in Africa. In developed countries they are sold as work of arts and convenient devices for camping, barbecues, festivals and so on. They cost 22 euros and can be found in many museum shops. Their price permits to sell the lamps at a much lower price in several African countries. For example the lamps are sold for 990 Kenyan shillings in Kenya which is a bit more than 8 euros.

8036260519_84557a5069_z Little Sun Lamps News

It is also possible to make a donation or to contribute to the creation of social businesses in Africa that distributes the lamps locally. They are working in seven countries in Africa with off -grid distribution partners. The lamps are directed to communities without access to electricity in countries such as Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria and so on.

In the word, 1.6 billion people live in off-grid areas: areas of the world without access to electricity. To have access to light can have an impact on whole communities. It can help to eradicate poverty by allowing businesses to remain open later, and by saving people over 90% of the money used to power a kerosene lamp. The children’s education can also be improved: the children are able to read and study in the evenings. Another advantage of Little Sun lamps is that they do not emit smoke and are non-toxic. In off-grid areas indoor pollution is a serious health threat, kerosene lamps causing breathing related problems, burns or even fire. The other help improvement Little Sun could realize is the possibility to provide safer medical care at night. In addition to indoor pollution, using kerosene for lightning also impact the environment on a global scale, releasing 190 millions tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

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