Self-Made Microsolar Cells - Cheaper, Faster, More Efficient

Self-Made Microsolar Cells – Cheaper, Faster, More Efficient

Micro solar cells fit into any pocket and are able to power small devices such as cellphones or MP3 players. Unfortunately they are often slow, inaccurate and produced manually at high costs in remote countries.

The “Solar Pocket Factory” introduced by the inventors Shawn Frayne (known from Case 12 and 79) and his colleague Alex Hornstein are able to produce more efficient and lasting micro solar cells in less time. They are so much cheaper that they can be also implemented in poorer countries. The production unit is small and simple and therefore it can be set up everywhere in the world, which makes expensive importation innecessary.

A prototype has been produced. Now the inventors are planning the financing of their device by crowd funding. As a return service they offer experimental kits and publish weekly insights of their work which will be collected in a book. They also offer some of their technologies on the internet open source.

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