Li-fi: an internet revolution

Li-fi: an internet revolution

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The Visible Light communication (VLC) or Li-FI would enable us to transmit data through light signal. The signal could come from the ceiling lamps in an office, your desk lamp or even city lightening. Although this would mean that the lights would be switched on all time, they could be dimmed to a point where it’s not even visible to the human eye.

A drawback of this technology is that light data transmission would be interfered by walls. However this would actually reduce the risk of data leaking, Li-Fi could then be safer than Wi-Fi and data less likely hacked. . Since there will be no interference with radio equipment, Li-Fi could be safely used in planes and hospitals, and even by people working under-water

The technology should reach the market by 2015 and existing light bulbs could be converted to transmit Li-Fi signal with a single micro-ship. For now, Li-Fi is improved and developed by the Fraunhofer Institut in Dresden, but also in China and in in the UK.

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