The Tiny House Movement

The Tiny House Movement

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Many causes can lead to this change. Pragmatic causes such as the price of the real estate market, the amount of money and energy needed to take care of a bigger house, the mortage crisis or the poor economy in general. Having a small house also enable to avoid spending money on energy and gives possibility to use better building materials. But the main reasons to choose this lifestyle are to reduce one’s structural and carbon footprints.

These small houses may not especially be used as main residence for everyone, but they can serve as office space or week-end retreat. What matter is that they inspire people to downsize and realise they can live with less, while being as happy and productive as before (if not more so).

A couple of businesses are already selling either houses of the plans to build it. Tumbleweed, for instance, is selling houses and sets of plans. The house range in size from about 7 to 70 square meters and they cost from 20.000 to 90.000 dollars. Another example is the Tiny Texas House, which also offers 3D plans and videos tutorials amongst other things.

Designers such as the Danish Nina Tolstrup are also interested in the movement. Her Tiny beach chalet gained a lot of attention from design blogs. The Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le created the « Unreal estate House » a do it yourself house based on a car trailer. This a small house is also a political and social experiment: a crowdfunding project is actually taking place to support the project

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