No-till Agriculture

Imagine an innovation in agriculture which saves water, reduces the use of pesticides, increases the harvest and reduces the need for labor. What sounds like an expensive new technology is in reality a centuries old agricultural practice which is based on the principle to let nature take its way.

It is simply about forgetting about tillage and letting the crops grow after sowing with minimal human influence. This is called ‘conservation agriculture’. Although this sounds a bit awkward, it really works out. Pilot projects in Lebanon, which has been struck by bad harvests in the last years, have shown that the method can be very successful. The soil quality as increased and more moisture can be stored in the soil.

A study has calculated that up to 150 US$ per hectare can be saved when applying the no-tillage method. The natural balance of the ecosystem is restored and the use of chemicals is reduced.

The dropped organic material of the plants is integrated into the soil and the natural environmental cycle is used for agricultural production.

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Picture with courtesy of Alpha du centaur