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The work of a young dutch based designer Jihyun-Ryou about food preservation and oral knowledge made us think about the different ways to save energy through food preservation. By storing food in a appropriate way, we keep their nutritional value, we save energy and we waste less food. Here are some examples, adapted from Jihyun Ryou’s designs of of to save your food from the fridge.



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    • Storing potatoes with apple both prevent the potatoes to sprout and the apples to rot to fast. The ripe apples gives of ethylene gas as it respires and this suppresses the elongation of the potatoes’ cells and then prevent them from sprouting.
    • Preserving butter in a butter bell and changing the water in it frequently preserves the butter. By storing the butter upside down in a small amount of water this creates an airtight seal.
    • The so-called « fruit vegetable » such as zucchinis, aubergines, cucumbers and pepper bells can be stored out of the fridge. This prevents them to freeze. They just need to be watered frequently.
    • The eggs easily absorb any odors released by the aliments and substances in your fridge due to its porous surface. This can give them a bad taste. They can be kept outside the fridge, and you can test their freshness by plunging them into water: the faster they sink, the fresher they are.
    • There are also a number of vegetables that can be regrown; once bought with just a bit of water such as spring onions, garlic sprouts and lettuce for instance
    • carrots in the sand: store carrots and other root vegetables such as leeks vertically in a recipient with humid sand keep them fresh longer.

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