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“Most of our industries generate massive amounts of waste. For every tone of municipal solid waste, there are 71 tonnes produces from mining, manufacturing, and product distribution. We have nuclear waste, soil laced with heavy metals, chromium-contaminated groundwater, landfills bursting with cast-off plastic containers. The residues of our consumption are buried in highly centralised areas and are burned when the volume accumulates”.

The problem of waste disposal is becoming one of the main problems on the environmental: landfills, incinerator and indiscriminate abandonment of waste are real social and environmental emergency. A really serious problem that cannot remain indifferent.

Since this moment I have never heard about the concept “Blue Economy”. A week ago I started an intership in the “Blue Economy Solutions” in Berlin, then I read some articles about innovations and, as citied before, the Blue Economy’s book. I am very surprised, the ideologies behind the acting are simple: try to produce less waste and pollution as much as possible, trough the inspiration of Nature with own hands.

I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, furthermore my background taught me how it is important that everybody collaborate to change the world, then I found this kind of approach very clever. Now I would like to share my idea in order to have advices from somebodies more specialized then me.

As mentioned in the title my idea is a station with a vertical axis windmill and two solar panel on top. There is not nothing new about the idea, but I believe the most important aspect is: we can do the station in mode “do it yourself”, with recycled materials or, in the worst case, with second-hand items. The structure could be made with pallets, the windmill with a used tanks and the energy solar system with “diy” solar panel. Could be interesting because everybody can make a station like this and have a “free” energy which can be used to charge electric cars, a lawn-mower or simply a computer when you want use it in garden. I enclose a simple image of my idea.

Schermafbeelding-2014-10-21-om-11.27.29 Neverland Blogs

In conclusion, this is a prototype and of course it needs a modification to work well. So I am very happy if somebody is interested in to develop the project. I am working in it, thus I will update you with new ideas and modification.

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