Neverland – New Wooden Construction

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In the chapters above there are summarized all the steps on how to build “Neverland”: a “DIY” power energy pallets structure. It includes two systems to provide energy: a windmill and a solar panels station. At first I thought that the structure around the vertical axis windmill could be built using disassemble pallets, in fact, three pieces of wooden boards, in each pallet, must to be taken off to allow the air to enter in the structure and moves the windmill inside. After some analysis I understood that maybe the open space in order to enter the air it is not enough, then the new idea. The structure around the windmill system should be always with the woods of pallets, but this time with an open structure and not with a disassembled pallets. The air without obstacles enters inside in a better way and can offer more air to the windmill and this is could be translate as more energy. The following picture (Figure 1) shows the new structure.

Schermafbeelding-2014-10-20-om-16.36.08 Neverland - New Wooden Construction Blogs

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