Little Sun Lamps

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Their motto for these safe and practical little lamp is : « get a great solar lamp, make a global impact ». Indeed the lamps are sold both in Europe, the USA and in Africa. In developed countries they are sold as work of arts and convenient devices for camping, barbecues, festivals and so on. They cost 22 euros and can be found in many museum shops. Their price permits to sell the lamps at a much lower price in several African countries. For example the lamps are sold for 990 Kenyan shillings in Kenya which is a bit more than 8 euros.

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It is also possible to make a donation or to contribute to the creation of social businesses in Africa that distributes the lamps locally. They are working in seven countries in Africa with off -grid distribution partners. The lamps are directed to communities without access to electricity in countries such as Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria and so on.

In the word, 1.6 billion people live in off-grid areas: areas of the world without access to electricity. To have access to light can have an impact on whole communities. It can help to eradicate poverty by allowing businesses to remain open later, and by saving people over 90% of the money used to power a kerosene lamp. The children’s education can also be improved: the children are able to read and study in the evenings. Another advantage of Little Sun lamps is that they do not emit smoke and are non-toxic. In off-grid areas indoor pollution is a serious health threat, kerosene lamps causing breathing related problems, burns or even fire. The other help improvement Little Sun could realize is the possibility to provide safer medical care at night. In addition to indoor pollution, using kerosene for lightning also impact the environment on a global scale, releasing 190 millions tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

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