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Green Economy moves forward in Haiti

Green Economy moves forward in Haiti

Last September Haiti´s Ministries of Environment and Agriculture and the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) held a workshop in Port-au-Prince to certify the discoveries of an exploratory study on the green economy potential of the agricultural sector in the South Department of Haiti. Through a green economy approach, the main value chains (mango, honey, cashew, castor oil and cocoa) would help to reinforce the system of the protected areas, which would consequently ensure health, productive ecosystems and promote sustainable economic development. Many suggestion were made during the workshop, for example expanding the study to additional varieties of value chains and considering the potential of organic certification.

The report will be presented also at the 3rd Conference of Green Economy in the Caribbean. It is part of the UNEP project “Advancing Caribbean States´ Sustainable development through Green Economy (GE)”. This project aims to establish a regional green network between the Caribbean countries: Jamaica, Haiti, and Saint Lucia. It has three main goals:
– Creating a national Green Economy knowledge and network platforms and a regional Green Economy network in order to share different experiences and best practises;
– Defining local policies of Green Economy investment options based on quantitave assessment in Haiti, Jamaica and Saint Lucia;
– Developing and support a regional centre of excellence on Green Economy and producing a capacity-building materials tailor-made for policymakers in the region.
Using at best the surrounding ecosystem and environment in order to reinforce sustainable economic development but at the same time respecting it and not exploiting it is one of the core characteristic of the Blue Economy policy. May Haiti and its new Green Economy approach inspire other countries in the world to follow its lead.


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Picture by USAID U.S. Agency for International Development (link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usaid_images/5102599107/ )

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