Free Electric, the bicycle that produces clean energy

Manoj Bhargava, CEO of the company producing the energy drink 5-hour energy and founder of the Billions in Change movement, launched a hybrid bike that will have a huge impact on people who currently live with barely any access to electricity.

Bhargava and his team developed a bicycle that is able to supply a rural household with energy for 24 hours after only one hour of pedalling. Its system is very simple: the bicycle wheel drives a free-wheel, which turns a generator, which charges a battery. One bicycle could provide a small village with electricity if each household spends one hour per day pedalling.

Bhargava plans to sell 10,000 bicycles in India next year. At less than 100 dollars, this bicycle is able to generate eco-friendly energy in a very economic and simple way; this could drastically change the situation in off-grid regions.

The goal of this project it to “make a difference in people´s lives, not only have a chat about it”. Free Electric is one of several inventions of the ‘movement’ Billions in Change; other inventions besides energy include desalination solutions as well as devices improving health.



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Picture: Manoj Bhargava  at TEDxUNPlaza (photo by Aaron Sylvan), 2013-09-16