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The city of Dordrecht in The Netherlands is home to a public space dedicated to resourceful, multi-age friendly playful objects, one of which is the “energy carousel” designed by Ecosistema Urbano.

The “energy carousel” is a forest of revolving rope swings that hang at different lengths— smaller children can sit on the hanging seats at the center of the structure, while taller, older children can grab onto the ropes on the outside. The structure captures the kinetic energy that the children release when turning on the ropes and stores it in a battery underneath the play site. This energy is then used to light the carousel at night; the light’s color changes depending on the amount of energy stored in the day.

The project’s goal is to promote education through play. The project’s designers believe that teaching children about alternative methods for generating electrical power with their own physical experiences sends a subtle message about the potential for a creative and more sustainable approach to urbanism.


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