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A week ago, the European Parliament encouraged EU countries to require supermarkets to give their unsold food to charities instead of throwing it away. As much as half of the food produced in the world (about 2 billion tons) is wasted every year. While most waste occurs at the consumer end in households and restaurants, supermarkets still have an important role to play in food wastage.

Between 30% and 50% of purchased food in developed countries is thrown away by the purchaser, mainly because sales promotions encourage consumers to purchase excessive quantities of food. Moreover, supermarkets’ marketing standards cause up to 30% of the UK’s vegetable crop to be rejected because of poor shape.

Two organizations in France and Germany are fighting against this waste. Since the EU voted to make 2014 the “Year Against Food Waste”, French grocery chain Intermarché decided to buy what is normally thrown out and sell it in their stores with a 30% discount. The produce was sold under the label “Inglorious Fruit and Vegetables ”, which included items such as the “Grotesque Apple” and “Ridiculous Potatoes”. The response was such a success that it sold out its 1.2 tons of “unwanted” produce tons in two days. Now, it is continuing the campaign by selling soups and smoothies made out of the inglorious fruit and vegetables. In Germany, the organization Restlos Glücklich is raising awareness against food waste. Their goal is to build a restaurant that only uses food that supermarkets and other restaurants throw away, and teach consumers that “Best By” labels do not mean that the product is necessarily inedible after the date.

**If you read this in time and are in Berlin, you may join Restlos Glücklich for an event today at Prinzessinengarten at 6pm where they will be making pies with leftover food!**

Check out Restlos Glücklich and the event here:

Restlos Glücklich (in German): http://restlos-gluecklich.berlin/ueber-uns-2

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/855738441162078/

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