FIghting Food Wasting: Chido’s Mushrooms

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Converting organic waste into healthy food! 
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Converting organic waste into healthy food!

The company “Chido’s” in Berlin cultivates edible mushrooms. Our production is mainly on common coffee grounds but we do use other agricultural waste all depending on what waste is available in the places we work. We use organic materials in order to produce healthy food.

We produce mainly Oyster and Shiitake.

We have learned this unique production process from Chido Govera from Zimbabwe, who developed the “simplified” concept to ensure self-supply and today uses it to encourage orphans and poor people in Africa and other countries of the world to fight hunger, poverty and abuse.

Learn more within these pages about Chido Govera as well as our mushroom cultivation on coffee grounds, a business model which works even in Germany, cascading and revaluating so-called waste and fighting poverty and hunger.

Read the business case describing the waste-to-protein model as well as our blog concerning similar initiatives around the world.

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