3D Printing Makes It Easier To Build Your Own Furniture

The previous post talked about how downsizing your home could allow you to reduce your ecological footprint and spend more time with loved ones. To add on to this theme, here is an interesting idea of how you can further reduce your footprint and have a fun activity to do with your family— thanks to 3D printing, you can create your own furniture, and play “house” and Lego with your children while at it.

3D printing is often constrained by the type of available materials and the size of print beds. Italian-Japanese studio Minale-Maeda came up with a clever design that allows individuals to create a product as large as they want instead of as large as the printer says, called the “Keystone connector”. The connector can fasten different parts together with just a standard screwdriver. Now, you can turn old furniture parts into new tables at home. As a result, you cut down on the emissions used to transport bulky furniture and on cardboard waste.

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