20 ingenious ways to produce your own energy

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During the following weeks we will present you a large range of people who produce their own energy, based on do-it-yourself projects.

These can serve as an inspiration, and give you ideas on how you can experiment to generate energy.

4130014567_31edaf3330_z 20 ingenious ways to produce your own energy Blogs

The series provides real life applications of the Blue economy principles such as:

  • Substitute something with Nothing – question any ressource regarding its necessity for production.
  • Gravity is main source of energy, solar energy is the second renewable fuel.
  • Nature only works with what is locally available. Sustainable business evolves with respect not only for local ressources, but also for culture and tradition.
  • Solutions are first and foremost based on physics. Deciding factors are Pressure and Temperature as found on site.

1. Solar Water Heater DIY

The first idea is a guide to build a solar water heater by yourself

This is a really good video that eplains how to build a device that allows you to heat water through the power of the sun.

It gives you the main.

Even though the project can definitely be optimized, it clearly shows the amazing possibilities of the sun.

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