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Feel free to share your experiences and interact with all participants through the mushroom-growing forum.
463 days ago
A Network of Farmers, Engineers, and Supporters Building the Global Village Construction Set
506 days ago
Urban Farming is a trend in many places – here an example inspired by Blue Economy from the Netherlands
539 days ago
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New, transferable and interdisciplinary project week on the subject “Energy Self-Sufficient Classroom” at Lutheran School Berlin Center (ESBZ)
13.11.2012 15:44   
The first week of September saw Blue Economy Solutions GmbH launch its newest UPRISE project in Germany.
17.09.2012 12:54   
In Berlin a cooperation with the Blue Economy has resulted in a transferable instruction concept for the area of sciences.
15.06.2012 17:25   
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They are not designed to go through "50 load cycles per year." They are designed to float at full load and occasionally use 10% of its capacity. Battery backup is called "deep cycle" because they are designed to go to 20 or 30%, but still degrade every tim
mcwireelectric · 444 days ago

Startup diary on Wiwo Green Chido's mushrooms wins Sustainovation Awards startup special price by WirtschaftsWoche and Altran. "Chido's is a model case for a working circular economy and represents the global trend for urban farming at the same time." From
Chidosmushrooms · 453 days ago

Crowdsourcing Innovations How will our fellow human beings, friends and children live 50 years from now, if wars are waged for water, energy becomes a luxury good and having enough food is no longer an issue for 'poor' countries but returns to our every d
blueeconomy · 465 days ago
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we have a dream
Nature offers space for companies and
entrepreneurs that create more from less.
Blue Economy supports these innovations
and offers them a platform. The future
needs Green Economy, Sustainability
and CSR as a holistic innovation.

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